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The Story

On the evening of July 3rd, 2019, a 39-year old Native man named Stonechild Chiefstick was attending a Fourth of July festival at a waterfront park in Poulsbo, WA. After receiving reports that Chiefstick had been acting erratically, Poulsbo Police Officer Craig Keller—along with 3 other officers—moved to engage.

After a 13-second interaction, Officer Keller fired two shots, striking Chiefstick in the face and chest. He would be pronounced dead 40 minutes later.


The entire encounter lasted approximately 10 seconds.

The Podcast

The Killing of Stonechild Chiefstick is a 7-episode series about the shooting death of Stonechild Chiefstick, the search for justice, the effects on the community of Poulsbo, WA and the Suquamish Tribe. Documents from the investigation, city council meetings, social media, and interviews from witnesses and community members come together to tell the story of how a big event can shape a small town.

The goal of the podcast is to help illustrate the idea that what we have now in terms of police training and accountability are wholly inadequate and that justice is elusive for those seeking it most.

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